Generous Wither Clearance

Maximum Weight Bearing Surface

Coasts Unique 'Rider Positioning System'

Shoulder Relief 

for maximum shoulder freedom

Unique Tree Designs

Compact Panel Design

"there's something special about these saddles"

Extra wither clearance

Maximum Weight Bearing Surface

Have you ever consider how your riding style and position may be affecting your horse? 

Here we see a rider in a 'chair seat' negatively influencing her horse. 

A horse may hollow his back like this as he dips away from pain from an ill fitting saddle. 

A hollow back may also be a sign of other pathology and you should contact your vet if you are concerned about your horse. 

If the rider sits more in balance with the horse..........

.......the horse is better able to find his own balance

A balanced horse is not only beautiful...

...but is likely to stay stronger and sounder for longer

   Balanced riding can only be achieved ......


                       a correctly fitted saddle the right saddle