Saddle Fitting Doesn’t have to be Difficult

Many saddle fitters will agree that fitting saddles as a full-time career is a tough gig. Long hours, battling the elements and of course, complaining customers. It’s often said that if it wasn’t for the humans the job would be easy and that’s probably true.

However, humans are a necessary part of the job so finding ways to keep them happy is key to a long and successful career as a saddle fitter.

Saddle Fitters across the UK agree that the majority of complaints come from customers who have budget constraints and compromises have to be made to fit within their limitations.

Research Director of Coast Performance Saddles Lisa Fay explains “unfortunately when it comes to saddles you usually get what you pay for and well-designed saddles are hard to find especially when budget is an issue”

It is for this reason Fay developed the Coast Performance range of saddles

“I spent several years developing the CPS range to be as horse friendly as possible while still being affordable to the average horse owner” says Fay” “Also having a fleet of saddle fitters it is really important that my team have access to saddles which are easy to fit and don’t cause any problems”.

When asked about the design Fay explains ”We (CPS) have totally redeveloped the traditional English saddle to not only improve the riders position but also to ensure optimum comfort and freedom for the horse based on the most up-to-date research, something often overlooked in traditional saddle manufacture”.

Despite being a relative newcomer to the market saddle fitters who stock Coast Performance Saddles have already seen record sales and feedback from CPS agents has been very positive.

. One agents said “Coast Performance Saddles make my life so much easier, all of my customers love them and the horses always improve”.

Coast Performance Saddles offer trade accounts to qualified saddle fitters (SMS or MSFC) and Equine Ergonomists and for those without a saddle fitting qualification CPS offer dedicated, practical training courses to become a CPS retailer.

For more information contact or visit the website

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