The perfect blend between General Purpose and Jump saddle the Orion GPJ has been speciafically designed for adult riders on ponies. With all the features you would expect from a Coast Performance Saddle the Orion will ensure optimum comfort and freedom for you as well as your pony. 


The forward cut flap allows room for the riders leg while the shoudler relief panel prevents the horses shoulder from being restricted. 


Sitting you more 'with' the horse than traditional saddles the Orion will soften your seat, prevent slamming down on the ponies back and help you to avoid falling in-front or behind the movement. 



Available in sizes 14"-16.5"  


Compact panel as standard 


Colour: Black or Brown


Comes with the 'Coast Performance Panel', unique CPS rider positioning system and shoulder relief as standard as well as 4 girth straps for maximum stability.  


Leadtime 6-8 weeks 


If you have specific design requirements please contact our design team at

Orion - GPJ Pony

Tree Style
  • Careful maintanence of your saddle will help to ensure it wears well and lasts a long time. Remove all mud, dirt and sweat after each use using a damp cloth and allow to dry naturally. Do not dry your saddle using artifical heat or in direct sunlight. 


    Condition your saddle with a good quality leather feed.


    Store your saddle in it's dust cover and on a saddle stand.


    Have your saddle serviced by a qualified saddler or local CPS representative every 18-24 months.