The Coast Performance General Purpose saddle is fantastic value for money. With the integrated perfomance panel, shoulder relief and unique CPS rider positioning system this is a GP saddle like no other. 


Colour: black or brown

Panel: Standard or Compact (for short backed horses) 

Tree Type: Standard or High Wither

Cantle: Round or Square 


All GP saddles come with 4 girth straps as standard. 


Available in sizes 14" - 19" 


If you have specific design requirements please contact our design team at

Carina - GP

  • Careful maintanence of your saddle will help to ensure it wears well and lasts a long time. Remove all mud, dirt and sweat after each use using a damp cloth and allow to dry naturally. Do not dry your saddle using artifical heat or in direct sunlight. 


    Condition your saddle with a good quality leather feed.


    Store your saddle in it's dust cover and on a saddle stand.


    Have your saddle serviced by a qualified saddler or local CPS representative every 18-24 months.