Saddle Order Guide

Saddle Fitting is a complex process and we recommend you speak with your saddle fitter before ordering your saddle. A list of saddle fitters can be found at 

Saddle Size

Your saddle should be the right size for the rider but not be too long for the horse (it must not extend beyond the last rib)

Here is an example of typical saddle sizes based on UK dress size: 

Less than size 8     - Saddle Size <16"

Size 8/10               - Saddle Size 16/16.6"

Size 10/12             - Saddle size 17" 

Size 12/14/16        - Saddle size 17.5" 

Over size 16          - Saddle size 18"<

'Most' horses are ridden in a size 17/17.5 with very few being capable of taking anything larger. The breed, height and conformation of each horse will determine the saddle size with many large, heavy horses having a much shorter back than you may think. Please be aware that this is only a rough guide and there are lots of factors to consider. Speak with your local saddle fitter if you are unsure which size to order. 

Panel Style

The saddle panel is the part which makes contact with the horse. The soft, cushion between the horses back and the solid tree inside the saddle.


A standard panel will be the same length as the saddle size (i.e. 17" panel on a 17" saddle), however if your horse has a short back you may benefit from a 'compact' panel. This will be between 1/2 - 1 full inch shorter than the saddle size. 

Tree Type

The tree is the solid internal structure of the saddle. There are many different shapes of tree and it is important that you choose the correct tree for your horse. 

The standard tree will fit on most sport horses, warmbloods, hunters  

The high wither tree will fit on most Thoroughbreds, some sport horses or anything which has a very high wither

The Cob&Native tree has an open/hoop head and is designed for heavy, wide, barrel shaped horses with a small, broad wither. 

The pony tree is smaller, wider and flatter than the standard trees with an open head to 'wrap around' the pony. 


Our dressage saddles allow you to choose the colour of welting, the 'piping' which runs around the seat of your saddle. 


The cantle is at the rear of the saddle and can be seen when the rider is on board. You have the option to customise the look of the cantle on our dressage saddles.