"I've never felt so secure and in tune with my horse"

Your Coast Performance Saddle will position you in a truly balanced ‘Thai Chi’ stance enabling you to develop an independent seat and be in full control of your weight 


Many saddles on the market sit the rider too far back in what we call ‘the sink hole’. Your Coast Performance Saddle will sit you further forward, more in line with your horses center of gravity enabling you to be truly ‘with’ your horse. This position will help to soften your seat, prevent slamming down on the horses back and help you to avoid falling in-front or behind the movement.


An strong, stable and balanced position is essential for effective riding.

Super Soft Seat  - The super soft, English leather seat is extra soft to ensure maximum rider comfort. 


Our specially sculpted seat will give you all the support you need to maintain a correct riding position and encourage a more strong and stable position. 

WARNING! Some riders who have been used to riding in a chair seat may find this new riding position unusual at first coupled with the fact that the horse may change his movements possibly becoming a bigger mover, more forward and possibly more awake than before .


You may need to re-educate and re-awaken under-used muscles and get used to the new feeling of being on the crest of your horses movement. While this can feel different initially riders often start to feel more secure and comfortable then ever before. 

"I can finally ride with my seat!"