"My horse has never gone so well"

Coast Performance Saddles are uniquely designed to be as horse friendly as possible. Advancements in equine science and our understanding of the complex biomechanical process of horse riding has enabled us at Coast Performance Saddles to create a communication channel between horse and rider in the most ergonomically correct way possible. 

Large Weight Bearing Surface


All of our saddles have a large weight bearing surface for maximum pressure distribution. More contact area equals less pressure per square inch. 


Clearing Negative Reflex Points*


Wither clearance has always been a key aspect of saddle fit however science has revealed that the clearance around and to the sides of the withers is just as important.


*There are crucial ‘pain points’ or ‘negative reflex points’ which extend approximately 10cm down from the top of the withers and pressure on this area will cause the horse to hollow their back. Coast Performance Saddles have engineered a cutting edge panel to ensure this area is free from pressure while still maintaining stability. 


 Shoulder Relief


Not only does our leading edge panel design offer maximum spine, wither and trapezius clearance, it also incorporates an innovative shoulder relief feature ensuring maximum shoulder rotation, forearm extension and correct muscle development under saddle.  


Short Panels


All saddles are available with a compact panel ensuring the riders weight is carried on the strongest part of the horses back and that the delicate lumbar region or ‘bucking button’ is free from pressure and unrestricted. 


Extra Generous Wither Clearance


At no point should the horses’ spinal structure carry any weight. CPS offer maximum spinal clearance whilst still maintaining that ‘close contact’ feel 


 Multiple Girthing Arrangements


Our GP, GPJ, VSD and Jump saddles come with up to 4 separate girth straps to ensure optimum fit and stability while your horse in in motion.


Our Dressage saddles while maintaining a sleek two girth strap appearance incorporate a clever, swinging Y girthing and point system providing maximum stability while maintaining a traditional and streamlined appearance.