Available Models: 


Tree Styles

Cob & Native


High Wither


14"-19" including half sizes

Unlike many jump saddles the CPS Aries is not only incredibly comfortable for the rider but also ensure optimum comfort and freedom for your horse. Designed specifically for the higher withered horse the Aries ensures generous wither and spinal clearance giving your horse room to move and develop under saddle while maintaining stability and that close contact feel you love.  


Sitting you more 'with' the horse than traditional jump saddles the Aries will soften your seat, prevent slamming down on the horses back and help you to avoid falling in-front or behind the movement. 


Our engineered panel and shoulder relief give your horse maximum freedom and allow full extension of the forearm and shoudler rotation. 

Comes with the 'Coast Performance Panel', unique CPS rider positioning system and shoulder relief as standard as well as 4 girth straps for maximum stability.  



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