About US

Coast Performance Saddles have been carefully designed by a team of equine experts headed by our Research Director Lisa Fay. 

Lisa has travelled the globe studying the horse-saddle-rider interaction and is one of the most highly qualified saddle fitters in the world.


Lisa holds the Society of Master Saddlers Certificate in Saddle Fitting/ City & Guilds (SMS QSF) as well as a Master Saddle Fitting Consultant Diploma (MSFC) and has completed the Equine Ergonomists (EE) program coming top of the class in both the MSFC and EE courses. 


Lisa has worked with horses for over 20 years and has a passion equine rehabilitation.

"Your saddle is the most important thing you can buy for your horse, a well fitting, well designed saddle is essential and is the foundation from which you can build your partnership"